Tinkering/Nerdery: February 2018

So. Tinkering. This month was productive, but it also wasn’t. How to best explain that? Well, I had a freelance gig that I had to build out, and I learned a ton about the WordPress back-end, ZURB Foundation 6, and jQuery, but it wasn’t for personal hack-y projects. I did manage to get some geeky going, though, which is nice.


Built out my first super-custom from-scratch WordPress theme. It’s got custom content types, a shitload of metaboxes, theme options, and does some really nifty shit involving having YouTube videos associated with a post that can override the existing featured image with a thumbnail of the video and a modal popup player. I feel like February was the month when I really started to get a solid understanding of the guts of WordPress.

I also started noodling with some ideas for how to rebuild this site’s template, which I think will be a task for March. It’ll be based on ZURB Foundation 6, and I’ll be working my ass off to make it super cool, but without having the massive amounts of overhead this one has.

Lastly, I built out a new content type for this blog — kinda inane, but it keeps track of my bikes, past and present. I haven’t created a custom display for it yet, but I will be adding that around the same time I crank out the new template (hopefully this month).

3D Printer Project

Stalled. Completely and utterly stalled. Goddammit.

CX Frame/Bike Stuff

Also stalled. Might abandon the CX frame based on several factors. We’ll see. Might be fun to build it back up as a multi-speed semi-cushy tire commuter.


Also stalled. Was wayyyy too far into WordPress this month to get any real writing done.


Did I build anything in February? I think I built a kit or two that I had had sitting in my to-build pile. But I can’t remember what they were.


Noodled around a bit with a non-fiction piece, and did some legwork on the longer fiction piece that has been gestating and spewing chunks of a rough draft for…I dunno…about a decade now?

What I Learned

  • More about jQuery.
  • Lots more about PHP7.
  • A whole fuckton more about the back-end of WordPress.
  • I might not have ADD after all1.


  • Nothing exciting, I assure you.

For March

  • Launch both client sites.
  • Get new template for this blog underway, hopefully with big progress.
  • Really, for reals, get some progress done on the CX frame.
  • Maybe get some work done on the 3D printer.
  • Tinker with the idea about getting some metrics on these footnotes2. Maybe tinker with the plan for automated image compression on my server. Need a script, but also need a database to keep track of which images have been compressed. That’ll be fun.

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