Random Ramblings

I have a headache that feels like someone dropped a box of loose hammers inside my skull and then shook me like a like an alcoholic waiting on payday. It ain’t pleasant and at the same time, I can’t really find any leftover fucks to give. The inner ear bullshit seems mostly resolved. Mostly. I still get light-headed and loopy, but I just can’t find any fucks to give that, either. At least it doesn’t hurt like hell anymore.

And thus, Friday.

Much time to spend in the workshop this weekend. Got a few to finish up on. The torch, files, and saucy attitude will all be in overdrive. Lots of pictures will be taken. There will be blood hot steel. Okay, probably some blood, too. And a bucket of hydrochloric acid. For rust removal, duh. Really need to get that frame fork fixture ordered, too.

I need to put new tires on the wife’s car. That would involve finding anyone who had the tires to put on it. Figures that a Honda Fit would only have about four options. I guess I could always have them put new rims on there, too. That would solve the problem of availability.

Not sure why I’m writing any of this.

Fuck, it’s Friday. I’ve got a 4 p.m. meeting and then I am going the hell home to my wife and my kid.

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