Scenes from a Weekend

  • Discovered I made a pretty fundamental flaw in the front triangle of the CX/gravel crusher frame. If it were for a client, I’d be starting from scratch. Since it’s for me, and it doesn’t render the bike unrideable or unsafe, I’m going to stick with it. No, I’m not going to tell you the mistake — it’s too goddamned embarassing.
  • Kate and I did some serious cleaning and re-org in the garage this weekend, in preparation for our garage sale in May. We were already listing stuff online to get rid of ASAP, and our neighbor came over and bought some things. As she walked away, Eddy started freaking out and yelling, “Daddy! She’s taking our stuff! She’s taking our stuff!”
  • We booked ourselves a North Shore getaway for June — we’re headed up to Thunder Bay, Ontario, for a week of cabin living. Pretty excited about that.
  • Did a ride with the Burley behind me. Stiff winds, recovering from a chest cold, and hauling 65 pounds of toddlers behind me in a Burley made for slow going, but it was still nice to get out there and put some miles on the legs. The weather’s gorgeous all week, but with the various appointments we have going, I won’t be riding to work until Thursday (so I’m going to do that and Friday, too).

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