Reconsidering the Blog

For various reasons, I am reconsidering the amount of time and effort I put into writing for this blog. There are positives and negatives to having this thing, however, and I am contemplating those lately as I think about whether or not it’s worth it to continue (most likely) and how much I should write for it (TBD).

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Haven’t Been Updating Here

Yeah. So I’ve been tinkering around over at Medium, just to see what it’s been about. In addition to working on a new visual layer for this site. Anyway. So yeah, if you want to read my posts that I’ve written over at Medium, there are current two over there: The Words I Regret Not … Read more

Struggling for a Focus

One of the best things to do to make a blog more readable is to give it some sort of a focus. And let’s face it — if there’s one thing that this blog has lacked all these years, it’s a focus. I tend to ramble about all sorts of nonsense: day-to-day life, mostly. The … Read more


I frequently start posts for this blog and then dump them to the trash within four sentences. So if you think my general posts are bad, you should see the shit that doesn’t qualify for publication in this venue. No, seriously. Some of it is bad bad bad. Lately, I don’t have the time or … Read more


So the first of the WordPress themes is coming along nicely. I didn’t do a mock-up in Photoshop or anything like that, but I know roughly what I want it to look like. Using the Blueprint framework, Cufón for some of the typography (headers and the blockquote), the Google Fonts API (body copy), and there’ll … Read more