Reconsidering the Blog

For various reasons, I am reconsidering the amount of time and effort I put into writing for this blog. There are positives and negatives to having this thing, however, and I am contemplating those lately as I think about whether or not it’s worth it to continue (most likely) and how much I should write for it (TBD).

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I Disagree, Vehemently

What were the Obama campaigns? Flat-out optimism. Those worked quite nicely.

OTOH, different medium, different results? I think that there are things to be optimistic about, but optimism requires charisma and oratory skills, while pessism is more of an Eeyore game. Hollywood doesn’t have authentic charisma/voice to pull off optimism.

The Things I Think About Sometimes

Okay, so it’s not always as inane as the tweet above. Actually, I spend a lot of time thinking about the future (see also: my StandOut! results), and not in a daydream-y, fanboy kind of way, but in a more concrete, “what are the possibilities and how can I prepare for them?” kind of way.

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