Wild Times

I’ve been pretty remiss in updating this blog lately, and I’m sure that all two of my readers are highly disappointed by the lack of tripe multiple times per week. So, yeah, sorry about that. Things have been more than a little bit crazy around here. The kids are well, and healthy. The job hunt continues, with a few promising interviews having gone down in the past week. Bicycling–building and riding–has stalled with the shitty weather. I’ve been doing some writing, some of which I hope to get self-published on Amazon in the coming months. The big news is:

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Another Milestone

Five months ago, you decided to show up early, and holy crap, what a surprise you were. Two months early and tiny, but healthy. Thirty-five days in the NICU, then home. And what a ride it’s been since. Trying at times, sure, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re a great kid, I’m … Read more

Things I Think About You

Dear Son, You’ve been home for weeks now, and you’re coming up on four months since your unexpected birth. You’re about to hit two months of age, developmentally speaking, and today you started daycare and your mom went back to work. Man, your personality and little quirks are starting to show. You’ll be happy to … Read more