Hacks: April 2017

“Well, shit, that month didn’t go so well, did it?” That was the first thing that went through my head when I started this draft and started thinking about what tinkering I’d done in April. Of course, I wasn’t really thinking about the fact that it was April 18th when I started the draft and that I had almost two full weeks left in the month. Here’s what I got after in April:

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My 2011: Video Games

Yeah, I’m 39 years old. Probably means I’m getting too old for video games, right? WRONG. They keep the brain and the reflexes sharp. I’ll keep playing them. Granted, it’ll never be like my teenage years again, but still. Playstation 3 Medal of HonorThis one gets filed under “meh” — seriously. While the increased realism … Read more


It’s Tuesday, so most of my memories of the weekend have started to fade. Here’s the recap without delving into too much detail: Friday: Got to hang out with Dave for a bit at a focus group thing he was doing. Met @bibliogrrl and visited Psycho Suzi’s for the first time. Picked Josh up at … Read more