A Strange Anniversary

Twenty-five years ago today[ref]Actually, yesterday, but I had server issues.[/ref], I went to MEPS[ref]That’s the “military entry processing station.”[/ref] in Minneapolis. I took the ASVAB, and a physical, and picked out an MOS, and did a bunch of paperwork. I didn’t quite get to the point of taking the oath that day before MEPS closed … Read more

List of Crappy Shit That’s Happened in My Life, To Date

So with my birthday coming up tomorrow, I have been thinking a lot about my life. I decided to start putting it into context and used Wikipedia to put together a list of all the bad stuff that’s happened since my life began. Next year, I’ll do the list of all the good things that have happened since the same date. Sound like a plan?

• the Christmas bombing of Hanoi

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