Being Useful

Today’s accomplishments: Fed, dressed, and delivered kids to school. Did dishes. Took out trash/recycling. Load of laundry. Worked on personal consulting site. Had grueling two-hour nap. Signed up for Khan Academy, started working through the “Pixar in a Box” series on storytelling. Gave “Grand Tour” a look on Amazon — watched the first episode. Soaked … Read more

Double Header

Hey, look, a rare two-posts-in-one-day double header! I’m going to do a bunch of blog posts Monday through Wednesday of this week since most of my readers will be absent on the 3rd and 4th of July to celebrate our nation’s birthday in the traditional methods of explosives, alcohol, and emergency room visits. Expect 2-3 … Read more

This Weekend

This weekend is going to be almost entirely about the bike. On the agenda I have: a shift at the bike shop on Saturday riding fabrication work blueprinting placing tubing/parts orders placing welding supply orders — 56% silver, plus some more bronze flux beginning prep for Minnecycle

Accomplished Last Night, Post-Work

cleaned up cat puke vacuumed office cleaned kitchen emailed A-train re: Mac apps two loads of laundry soaked silver flux off a frame cooked and ate dinner, cleaned up afterwards set up subdomain for Pallas Athena mobile website did some work on the next email newsletter for Pallas Athena did some work on nailing down … Read more

The Weekend? Oh Yeah, That.

Friday: Had lunch with Bob. Kate and I looked at houses in Bloomington with realtor. Unpacked the fixture and other cool stuff. Saturday: Worked at the bike shop until noon, cut loose due to shitty weather. Went to Nels’ place for the semi-annual beer fest. Drank. Did not get drunk. Sunday: Woke up, went for … Read more

5 Reasons NOT to Bike to Work

1. Because you totally played football in high school and you’re still, like, totally in-shape and stuff. Never mind that beer gut, never mind that you get winded walking up a couple flights of stairs — you could totally go out and play with the high school kids now. Even if you’re too out-of-shape to … Read more

Day Off?

So today, I have the day off. I’m so busy that I refuse to understand why I’m thinking of it as a “day off”…I’ve been up since 0530, and thus far I have accomplished the following items: woke Kate up cleaned screens on iPad, iPhone, and computer updated all the WP installs I’m responsible for … Read more