Sabbatical Checklist

So on August 1st, I lost my job. Laid off. The upside is that I’ve already landed a replacement gig elsewhere and I’m excited about the opportunity. So here I am. Waiting for my start date on the 29th. So I guess this means I’m on sabbatical for a bit, and that I need to … Read more

Another Long Day

Yesterday was another long one — an all-day meeting at the office, followed by a quick run to the Bicycle Chain, thinking it was payday. I picked up my Park PRS-4W, which will be the basis of my welding stand, had Subway for a light snack, and then headed over to Josh’s where we built … Read more

Happy Friday!

Hey Internets, how’s your week been? Mine’s been pretty awesome, despite the hard labor at the office. Last night, we hit up Mac’s Industrial for trivia and I discovered their awesome menu (and food), and Odell’s IPA. We also won both rounds of trivia that night. Kate came up with some awesome answers, and I … Read more

Been Awhile…

Been busy lately and haven’t had much of an opportunity to post anything here, but I’ve got a few things in the pipeline. 1. The Almanzo 100, while superbly organized, excellently hosted, and possessing of a beautiful, challenging course, was an unmitigated clusterfuck. I had repeated mechanicals that caused me to abandon after 25 miles, … Read more

Finding Purpose

I recently had an epiphany surrounding my pursuit of framebuilding. The mentality I’m taking into it is that of “side job/hobby that brings in income” — for now. Should it grow to the point where I can be self-sufficient, I will have to take a good, hard look at my career, and what the potential … Read more

Weekend Update

Friday night, I played a lot of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 (hereinafter to be referred to as BF:BC2), which was a good thing. Kate had the day off and spent time at her parents’ place before helping Allie with her wedding invitations. I was asleep before she got home. Saturday, there’s not much to report. … Read more