What I’ve Learned in 2011

• I have the weirdest combinations of shit luck/good luck, as evidenced by the disasters on my road trip to Michigan back in February.

• Be more careful around hot steel. Burns leave nasty scars and the lesson was no exception. On the plus side, as a friend pointed out, there’s positives in putting yourself into your work.

• Finding a house to buy is hard work.

• Moving is even more difficult than buying a house.

• Buying a house is made much easier if you’re married to someone who works in home mortgage and can navigate everything.

• Prep for the trade show months in advance, not weeks.

• It is far easier to be an asshole than it is a decent human being.

1 thought on “What I’ve Learned in 2011”

  1. Marshall and I learned a lot of those same lessons this year (well, minus the steel burns. Ow.)

    Looking forward to hearing about how your business grows!

    Happy New Year 🙂


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