Accomplishments: February 2024

February rolled in ridiculously warm this year, and it really fucked with my sense of what had to be done when. Based on gut feeling, I decided that one of my accomplishments was going to be a large-scale cleaning of the whole damn house.

  • Begin spring cleaning.
  • Continue training.
  • Get mom’s place cleaned-up and ready for her return.

Spring Cleaning

We got started on this the first weekend of the month, and worked on it continually after that. We started with cleaning and organizing the basement, and then we worked our way up and out. The basement rooms in which we’d kinda haphazardly stored stuff got reorganized and cleaned. On the main floor, we (Di) did a deep cleaning and reorg of the kitchen, and we moved the basement couch to the living room to increase seating. Include a house-wide mop/dust/vacuum/surfaces clean, and you have a recipe for having our shit done early. The only fail here was getting Eddy to get his room clean and keep it that way. PRETTY MUCH WIN.

Continue Training

Training has been going exceptionally well. I’ve been on the bike or in the gym 3-4 days per week, which has been super helpful in managing my stress levels (big changes at the office). Yoga is in the mix now, too, and I’m going to be working in the Foundation stuff to help with the rehab on my lower back. I’m feeling pretty good about where things are at, too, and that gives me a lot of confidence for the DAMN in August. WIN.

Mom’s Return

This is the one I fucking dreaded in February. Because it meant my mom moving home and my mom then pushing me to do all sorts of shit around the house for her. If it were once every few months, fine. But she wants shit done multiple times a week and that’s a bit much when you combine it with her abusive/manipulative shit. I am not looking forward to this. WIN BUT FEELS LIKE DOOM.

Minor/Other Accomplishments

  • Updated my résumé. This is something I’ve needed to do for years. Shorter is better and I’ve gotten it down to a page and some change.
  • Puppy training. Going great. Joey is a smart little devil.
  • Got a ton of documentation done for my D&D campaign. I’m hoping to tighten it up before the end of March and get everything rolling (hah) right after that.
  • Found a great card scanning/cataloging app that syncs across desktop and mobile via iCloud (Lion’s Eye), and have been using that to catalog all my Magic the Gathering cards. That’s an ongoing project and probably won’t be done until the end of March. I’m such a nerd. I’ll also have to change up the 101 Things in 1001 Days to reflect that what I wanted to build already exists.


  • I bought a Flipper Zero, and for now, it’s a blocker, because I’ve been tinkering with it and not doing anything super productive. Mostly reading things with NFC chips, including the pets and some Amiibo stuff.
  • Working on the Christmas Lego sets. I finally got the Land Rover set done, which was fun. I still have the BTTF DeLorean and the Space Shuttle Discovery sets to build.
  • Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. I mean, I’ve been spending time with it, and that time could be better used elsewhere right now, but I also think that it might not be a blocker because it’s part of the 101 Things in 1001 Days project.
  • Added Advance Wars: 1+2 Re-Boot Camp to the Switch, along with both Portal games. I’d been waiting patiently for the first, and the latter was on-sale for dirt cheap, so I had to do it. Not the best idea I’ve ever had, sure, but it gives me a little variety.


It was a hell of a month, dudes. Feeling accomplished, didn’t lose any huge chunks of time. Need to continue to make sure that I don’t bite off more than I can chew in March.

(Featured image created with/generated by Adobe Firefly 2 Beta. Prompt: high quality render of a robot cleaning the inside of a house.)

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