Happy Birthday, Sam!

Dear Sam,

Today, you are a year old. And holy crap, what a year. Watching you grow from a newborn into a baby with his own interests, preferences, and personality has been fun (and, admittedly, frustrating at times). If you’re anything like you are now, you’re going to be a great deal of fun for our family — your laugh is loud and infectious, you’re happy when you wake up (like dad), and you get into everything. Saying you’re just like any 1-year old would be disingenuous — you’re you, and you’re definitely not like your big brother was at this age. It’s pretty wild.

At the age of one, I don’t have any super-insightful advice that you can apply. What I will say is, “Don’t tell mommy that I gave you Cheez-Its.” That should get you through the next twelve months.

Cool? Cool.


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