Those Moments

Yesterday, I left the house for work at noon, with Sam sick, and Eddy in the midst of a full-blown tantrum — the type of tantrum only a three year-old can possibly throw: ridiculous subject matter (“no, I don’t want peaches with my lunch!”) and the kind of focus a sniper would envy. As I … Read more

Happy Birthday, Sam!

Dear Sam, Today, you are a year old. And holy crap, what a year. Watching you grow from a newborn into a baby with his own interests, preferences, and personality has been fun (and, admittedly, frustrating at times). If you’re anything like you are now, you’re going to be a great deal of fun for … Read more

Updates From the Sam Front

It occurred to me recently that, while I’ve mentioned him in passing, I don’t talk about Sam too in-depth here. I guess the reasoning behind that is two-pronged — one, parenting is kind of “old hat” at this point. I got this. Two, I kind of dread becoming the parent that does nothing but talk … Read more