Those Moments

Yesterday, I left the house for work at noon, with Sam sick, and Eddy in the midst of a full-blown tantrum — the type of tantrum only a three year-old can possibly throw: ridiculous subject matter (“no, I don’t want peaches with my lunch!”) and the kind of focus a sniper would envy. As I … Read more

Today, You Are Three

Dear Edwin, What a difference a year makes. In the time since your second birthday, you’ve changed so much. Most notably, you talk. Non. Stop. And it’s awesome. You have preferences about what you like and about how things are done, and you aren’t afraid to show it. Some people might call you difficult; I … Read more

Language Acquisition

The list of words Eddy has added to his vocabulary (regular usage) in the last six days: Black Purple (sometimes uses the sign for “touchdown” derived from our viewing of Vikings games) Shoes Ball Cake Pig No Rock Lamp Nine words in six days. For him, that’s huge. ADDENDUM, 8/7/14 Now adding a word a … Read more

Weekend Recap

The Lawn For the first time ever, our lawn looks better than the neighbors’ — only because I was the first one to break out the lawnmower. I used the time to put eyeballs on things around the house that need to be addressed (the deck needs some work), but mostly I just plowed through … Read more

An Update on the Dude

It’s been awhile since I’ve provided any sort of large-ish update on what’s shaking with Eddy. As you can see from the picture above, he looks more like a little boy and less like a baby, which is kind of scary. He’s coming up on sixteen months of age, pretty quickly here…and shortly before his … Read more

Time Travel Ruined

So yeah, having a kid has really ruined the idle geeky daydream of strapping in to a heavily-modified DeLorean with Doc Brown and bouncing up and down the timestream in search of knowledge and adventure. Can’t go any earlier than June of 2011 because of the possibility of disrupting the timestream and then being unable … Read more