Echoes of Our Parents

As you age, you begin to notice¬†echoes of your parents in your day-to-day behavior. This is particularly difficult if, like me, one those parents was a waste of carbon. There are times when I am surprised or even amused at things — for example, I talk to cats the same way my mother does (same tone, same words, same rhythms of speech) — and there are times when I am horrified by things, like when I do or say anything like my father would have done.

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One Year Into Fatherhood

(The actual date is this Sunday, but man, no one reads blogs on the weekend.) The hardest part of being a dad so far is that in dealing with Eddy, I need to remember that I am trying to handle what amounts to the purest embodiment of the id: an infant. As Kyle Reese said, … Read more