2015: Reading Review and Metrics

This series has become tougher and tougher to write, as I amass more data every year and life gets more and more busy, which further delays the posting. Yes, I’m talking about shit that went down in 2015 in September of 2016. And, sadly, this is mostly just wankery for two reasons:

  1. I do this to satisfy my own curiosity.
  2. It doesn’t really spark much in the way of conversation, usually.

This year, I’m making use of TablePress so it should make for better reading of the actual list (and sorting by various data types, I think). Additionally, I’m using Google Web Fonts, some fancy-schmancy CSS3 stuff, and Google Charts to present elements that were previously boring flat graphics, so I’ve got more coding than I usually do…

Okay, so how’d it go?

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What I’ve Learned in 2015

• I like Frank Sinatra‘s music. • That it’s possible to lie to yourself for years and convince yourself that everything’s fine, even if it’s not. • If your flight has a layover in O’Hare, then a trip from Minneapolis to Detroit will take more time than a direct flight from Minneapolis to London. • … Read more

2015 Wrap-Up

1. What did you do in 2015 that you’d never done before? • Started taking medication for my ADD, and it did wonders. • Started a house fire, among other things that day. Oops. • Bought a new bike at full price. (Deposit, anyway. Still. Haven’t paid retail since pre-1999.) 2. Did you keep your … Read more

Training Continues…

So last year during the Powderhorn 24, I inadvertently left my Edge 705 computer running the whole time, and it ran out of juice somewhere around 5:00 a.m. And then decided that the Powertap was at-fault for this and that they were no longer on speaking terms. I haven’t really bothered to try to solve … Read more

2015 Resolutions

As usual, my general resolution is “be more awesome”. However, if you want specifics: Continue the awesomeness of the Total Money Makeover. Ride my bike more than I did in 2014. Goal: 2500 miles. Read at least 55 books. Be an awesome dad and husband. Quantification: ask wife and kids how I did. Learn a … Read more