What I’ve Learned in 2016

Owning a fatbike is pretty fucking awesome. Adderall is a fucking lifesaver. The way someone treats other people is they way that they will treat you. Whether that’s now, or some point in the future. It’s inevitable. The right work environment can make all the difference. Never let go of your creative outlets — having … Read more

Echoes of Our Parents

As you age, you begin to notice echoes of your parents in your day-to-day behavior. This is particularly difficult if, like me, one those parents was a waste of carbon. There are times when I am surprised or even amused at things — for example, I talk to cats the same way my mother does (same tone, same words, same rhythms of speech) — and there are times when I am horrified by things, like when I do or say anything like my father would have done.

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What I’ve Learned in 2015

• I like Frank Sinatra‘s music. • That it’s possible to lie to yourself for years and convince yourself that everything’s fine, even if it’s not. • If your flight has a layover in O’Hare, then a trip from Minneapolis to Detroit will take more time than a direct flight from Minneapolis to London. • … Read more

Second Half of 2015, To-Do

1. Not every day can be legs/cardio day. Been looking at myself in the mirror lately, and while the biking and focused training on that has paid off with more-defined legs, stronger heart, and greater speed, the rest of me is approaching “dad-bod” faster than I’d like. The rest of this year is going to … Read more