What I Believe In (2017 Edition)

I believe that the best way to determine how someone is going to treat you is to watch how they treat other people. I believe that more manufacturers should work toward selling items that can be repaired in a home workshop — and that the trend toward making goods disposable has really harmed the tinkerer/manufacturer … Read more

What I Believe In (2015 Edition)

As part of my growth, one of the things I want to do every year, is to look at what I believe, the underpinnings of who I am morally, spiritually (though the atheist in me cringes at the word). What are my belief structures? What makes me tick? I think this will be a beginning of the year thing, rather than the end. The purpose is to give me something to look back at in the coming years, to see how my beliefs have changed, and to remember what’s important to me.

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