Nugget: Scars

I originally left this in a comment on Gloria Liu’s blog. Scars are trophies of a life well-lived. It’s no different than a book with dog-eared pages, really — there’s a certain degree of love and respect for material things (bodies included) that results in a bit of damage-by-familiarity. Those little imperfections, the same things … Read more

What I Believe In (2017 Edition)

I believe that the best way to determine how someone is going to treat you is to watch how they treat other people. I believe that more manufacturers should work toward selling items that can be repaired in a home workshop — and that the trend toward making goods disposable has really harmed the tinkerer/manufacturer … Read more

“Intellectual” Discourse

If only all political discussions could be so entertaining. From Twitter in February, in case you missed it:

What I Believe In (2016 Edition)

I believe that Mister Rogers was about the closest to the embodiment of the Buddha that’s walked the Earth. I believe in love and science — those are my religion. I believe my integrity is important. I believe that having a logical explanation for something does nothing to reduce the magic of its existence. I … Read more