Things I Believe, 2024 Edition

I believe that Amazon is doomed for reasons that probably entail writing a whole damn blog post about it. I believe that I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in a relationship because at the very beginning we had open, vulnerable conversations about what we wanted and needed out of a relationship with each other. I believe that you can learn from someone else’s mistakes. I believe that a fourth season of Ted Lasso would be a horrible mistake. I believe that M*A*S*H could be brilliantly rebooted as a dark comedy set in Afghanistan. I believe that capitalism is in the process of eating itself. I believe that the Olympics should be for amateurs only. I believe that the NFL, if not fixed, is influenced by money. I believe that people who cheat at bar trivia are giant douchebags. I believe that I should learn more about ReactJS. I believe in the power and necessity of a good education. I believe that super-spicy foods, like the One Chip Challenge, are fucking stupid. I believe the Mall of America is just another fucking mall and no one should fly to Minnesota just to visit it. I believe mall kiosks are a fucking blight on humanity. I believe in the 4-day/32-hour workweek. I believe that all job postings should have pay ranges published. I believe that cryptocurrency is almost as dead as NFTs, and the world is a better place for it. I believe that nothing of value was lost when Trump left the White House. I believe that Strange New Worlds is the best Star Trek series since the original. I still believe that this series of posts may have run its course.

(Featured image created with/generated by Adobe Firefly 2 Beta. Prompt: 16:9 vivid illustration of a giant glowing statue of the Buddha atop a mountain with a futuristic city in the background.)

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