Writing as Programming

One of the reasons I always enjoyed programming was that by its nature, I could break a project apart into digestible chunks and attack each of them individually. One of the reasons I hated programming was that it was too heavy on the logic and too light on the room for creativity. With writing, it … Read more

One Year Into Fatherhood

(The actual date is this Sunday, but man, no one reads blogs on the weekend.) The hardest part of being a dad so far is that in dealing with Eddy, I need to remember that I am trying to handle what amounts to the purest embodiment of the id: an infant. As Kyle Reese said, … Read more

Thoughts on Aurora

Any time I hear a pro-gun person whining about how “they’re going to take away our guns” whenever something like Aurora or Columbine happens, two thoughts go through my head: First, instead of worrying about the Second Amendment right away, maybe you should take 5 minutes to reflect on what the victims and their families … Read more

Little Human

One of the coolest things about being a new dad is seeing all the little moments of discovery. With infants there’s this moment when “the lights come on” — for the first few weeks, you are in possession of a little lump of meat that eats, sleeps, and poops, and screams a lot while doing … Read more

Another Milestone

Five months ago, you decided to show up early, and holy crap, what a surprise you were. Two months early and tiny, but healthy. Thirty-five days in the NICU, then home. And what a ride it’s been since. Trying at times, sure, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’re a great kid, I’m … Read more

Random Ramblings

I have a headache that feels like someone dropped a box of loose hammers inside my skull and then shook me like a like an alcoholic waiting on payday. It ain’t pleasant and at the same time, I can’t really find any leftover fucks to give. The inner ear bullshit seems mostly resolved. Mostly. I … Read more

5 Things I’d Do If I Won the Lottery

Fully fund the most absolutely ridiculous Kickstarter projects I could find. I want to see socially awkward geeks on stage reading terrible poetry while swinging razor sharp swords to a smoke-and-lasers show.  Build a monument to Schadenfreude. This would probably be a beautifully ornate granite statue of a soaking-wet Goth falling down a flight of … Read more

A Lesson in Communication

Backstory: when I was a tiny Dan, I was living in West Berlin, Germany. Dad was in the army, mom was a stay-at-home mom. There wasn’t a “base” per se, we lived in apartments not far from the Berlin Wall, and as such, were exposed to German language and terms all the time, though almost … Read more

Going Back

This is a decision that I’ve come to after many hours of deep thinking on the subject, several long conversations with my wife, and ultimately, the choice was pretty easy.

You see, I’m going back into the Army — and I still can, as I get credit against the maximum age for my time already spent in uniform. Since I left active duty in 1993, I’ve always felt at loose ends, and what I’ve come to learn is that I not only need the structure that the military provides, but I crave it. So I’m going back to it. I’ll be enlisted, but only temporarily, as I’ve got the college credits required and ASVAB scores where getting into O.C.S. won’t be a problem. Additionally, I will probably select combat arms — the infantry — once I leave O.C.S.

As far as communications goes — I don’t know. I have to go through boot camp again, and I’m pretty sure that that’ll be several weeks without internet connectivity. After that, things should settle down a bit and I’ll start blogging here again regularly. I’ll pre-schedule some stuff for those of you that follow me, and I’ll have Kate (who is fully supportive of this, by the way) publish my mailing address here. For those of you that want postcards or letters, feel free to send me your address.

I’ve farmed out my backlist of frames to a few local builders who will be completing the orders.

I leave two weeks from today — check your calendars — there’ll be a send-off party at our place this week. More details after the cut.

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The Story of Your Birth

Dear Son, Well, you gave us a good scare. I want to document this as much as possible before the details get too jumbled in my head. By now, you know you were born eight weeks early, but the story does a great job of illustrating the moments of humor and joy even when things … Read more